Coy & Co. is my own passion project and future business.

I am currently in school to get my business degree!

After graduating Fall of 2021, I plan to dive deep into the world of small business entrepreneurship. The goal is to create a business that designs clothing for children while bringing awareness to the special needs community and promoting inclusion in the apparel industry. 

This company is inspired by my children, but specifically my son, Declan. Declan was born with Angelman Syndrome. He has also been 100% G tube fed all his life. While on our new journey as a special needs family, we quickly realized the lack of resources and inclusion that there is in the clothing industry. Something as simple as an outfit can make a huge difference in the lives of children like Declan. That is where Coy & Co. comes in.

I can't wait to tie up loose ends in 2021 and share more details with you!